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Engine Armour by



Here are precisions concerning their products.

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Tel: 01280 848 126

Fax: 01280 847 616



Customers service:

Main guy: John Bitmead



Carbon/Kevlar (or any combinations) engine casings protection (race or street versions). 


Bonus feature:

The kit comes with all things to make the installation!

I cant say that for the other companies...



Nice and thick laminated composite.


Happiness factor:

Very nice quality, very thick and solid carbon fiber!!

All notches align perfectly, all that is needed for the install is provided...

Full protection guaranteed!

UPDATE: 03/05/24

They are still intact; thanks God for that!

They are still holding very strongly, I don't think they will get anywhere some time soon,

contrary to the Z6 covers I had 3 years ago which promptly fell somewhere along a highway.

Nice product.




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