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How to mount it outside of the box


I've decided to make this extra page for those that are worried about 

cluttering the inside of their air boxes; it is a known fact that too much stuff 

in there can be a horsepower-robbing situation.


I will do the modification to mine as soon as I can.

Those pics are not from R1`s, but will do the trick.

In this particular pic, you can see that all tubes go inside the box through the face of it;

It is unnecessary to tell you that all red tubes go in, but I got to stress the fact that the blue tube, 

which is the source for the FC, has to be in side the box, in a place where there is not too much turbulence; 

the diffuser, which is a small filter (available separately) will take care of that.

In this pic, you can see that the red tubes are going into the box from the underside of it;

this is if you don't have enough clearance at the front of the box (make sure you got room!).

It is also a possibility to plug the blue tube in the breather tube for those that are using a KrankVent

 ...or a similar device...

In this pic, you can see the FC mounted inside the box, but with the dial accessible from outside of the box;

Steve can provide you with the necessary mounting kit which include numerous grommets and brackets.

Now if the dial is easily accessible or easy to manipulate in this case, is not known to me.

Securing the FC intake extension tube.

Just as a precaution to be sure it cannot loosen, or be left partially off after doing some tuning, or re-assembling after doing other engine work, here are two easy ways to do it.

# 1, you can simply put some safety wire on the tube, as in Fig. 1, by going around the blue tube once or twice, then around the red tub, (or between the end of the tube and the FC body), back, then twist, cut and secure. Obviously you want to be sure the piece you snip off, doesnít ďflyĒ right into a carb, it probably will if you donít take precaution. The reason you go around both is to make it virtually impossible for the piece of wire to go anywhere, if you didn't get it tight enough, and it slipped off, but donít over tighten it.    # 2, If you donít have safety wire, you may simply take a quality nylon tie, 5Ē or so, and go from the blue tube, up to the red, around, back to the blue tube, around it, so you have about 1 ĺ loops around it, pull tight and clip. For extra assurance, slightly melt the snipped end so it, absolutely canít go back thru and loosen. Be sure not to loose the snipped off end piece into a carb. 

Do not use any open flame. 

FIG 1:

FIG 2:



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