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Visit the whole site at: http://borg20011.tripod.com/borg_link_o_rama.htm



Here are precisions concerning their products.

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Tel: 011 (44) 145 525 1728

Fax: 011 (44)

0 123 424 6228

(011 is a prefix from Canada)

E-mail: enquiries@p3unlimited.com


Customers service:

Richard and Louise; very nice people, they like to talk!



For now, sole ISR UK brake components distributor;

They also have AIM lap timers, Akrapovic as well as Arrows exhaust systems,

tire warmers, paddock stands...racing-oriented products!

Richard is also a machinist making crankshaft from solid EN40B billet pieces among other things.

His work can be found in a few racing team spanning from the USA to some GP teams in Europe!

**His latest project is a 200rwhp R1,without any artificial help such has nitrous or turbo.......I cant wait to see that!**



Not much to say about the ISR stuff, but that its made of the best materials for the job.

Richard`s billet cranshafts are also made from the best steel (EN40B) available for the application.

(Please visit their site for more information about that).


Happiness factor:

We`ll see about that very soon.




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