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Yes, brakes and related components!


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Braking accessories and tools


(nice brake fluid containers) USA
http://www.kyleusa.com/ (CRG brake levers) USA
http://www.mandp.co.uk/ (brake switch banjo bolts) UK
http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/ (GOODRIDGE products) UK
http://www.phxsyss.com/v12.htm (brake bleeder-looks cheaper than mytivac) USA
(high-tech brake-bleed kit) USA
http://www.rizoma.com/ (very nice brake fluid reservoirs) IT
http://www.russellperformance.com/ (Russell s/s lines and fittings-Speedbleeders) USA
http://www.speedbleeder.com/ (help you bleed those brakes) USA
http://www.speedproducts.co.uk/ (amazing adjustable levers and more) UK


Brake lines,fittings,pads and such


http://www.aeroquip.com/ (lines and fittings) USA
http://www.bakerprecision.com/ (add-on oil-coolers and lines) USA
http://bonacoinc.com/ (braided lines) USA
http://www.bsr-aerotek.com/ (anodized fittings, s/s lines, all kind/size of lines) UK
http://www.btinternet.com/~bgcmotorsport/ (lines, fittings, etc) UK
http://www.coredcs.com/ (EARL'S stuff-fittings and lines) USA
http://www.dp-brakes.com/ (brake pads) USA
http://www.federal-mogul.com/ (brake pads) USA
http://www.frenotec.com/ (lines, sprockets, chains, Ducati stuff) USA
http://www.galferusa.com/ (wave discs, lines, etc) USA
http://www.goodridge.net/ (brake lines and fittings) UK
(recommended site for good prices on all things) UK
(WSB brake lines) IT
(got my fuel line quick-release valve there) USA
(most excellent site to choose your pads) FR
http://www.lyndallracingbrakes.com/ (racing pads) USA
http://www.map-engineering.com/ (lines and pads) USA
(brake lines and more) GER
http://www.mityvac.com/ (brake bleed kit) USA
http://www.motorcycle.net.au/ (pads from Brembo, SBS, etc) USA
http://www.nbmhydraulic.com/ (lines,fittings,etc) SWEDEN
(braided lines by the foot, fittings, etc-cheap prices!) USA
http://www.paragonperformance.com/ (s/s lines, fittings, etc) USA
(brake pads) USA
http://www.russellperformance.com/ (Russell s/s lines and fittings-Speedbleeders) USA
http://www.sinter.si/ (brake pads) SI
http://www.springfieldstreetrods.com/ (brake lines clamps and fittings) USA
http://www.techna-fit.com/ (lines and fittings) USA
http://www.tgtechnik.de/ (lines, discs, buttons, etc) GER
http://www.tonysofprestatyn.co.uk/ (Melvin brake hoses, Lucas brakes-check it out) UK
http://www.vesrah.com/ (discs, lines, pads, etc) JAP

Braking components importers/resalers


http://www.ad-motorradzubehoer.de/ (PVM calipers) GER
http://www.alphatechnik.de/ (Beringer brakes) GER
http://www.azmotorsports.com/ (incredible price on carbon-look brake lines) USA
(in construction) GER
http://www.braketech.com/ (Nissin, Goodridge, PFM, discs, etc) USA
http://www.bricomoto.it/ (Braking discs and more) ITA
http://www.ca-cycleworks.com/ (discs, lines, banjo bolts, Mityvac, etc) USA
(patient, courteous, brake lines and exhausts) USA
http://www.cbs-customizing.de (brake components) GER
http://www.cyclebrakes.com/ (brakes-complete product lines) USA
http://www.ecparts.co.uk/ (brake parts for anything) UK
(the Mecca of brakes and related stuff) USA
http://www.euracc.com/ (brakes import and more) CAN
http://www.gptechllc.com/ (thumb brake kits and more) USA
http://www.hafer-tuning-parts.de/ (only the best products) DE
(Brembo dealer) USA
http://www.kc-engineering.de/ (amazing site..expensive stuff...stay away!) GER
http://www.motopro.com/ (got my brakes from them) NETHERLANDS
(brake kits) IT
(Beringer, Nology, etc) IT
http://www.p3unlimited.com (official ISR distributor and develloper) UK
http://www.plus-myu.com/japan/ (specialized brake site-nice calipers adaptors) JPN
http://www.revlimiterracing.com/ (PVM brakes in the USA) USA
http://www.speed-point.com/ (brakes importer) GER
http://www.stampeeders.com/ (ISR brakes) FR
http://www.tawvehicle.com/ (Brembo distributor and more) USA
http://www.tgtechnik.de/ (lines, discs, buttons, etc) GER
http://www.tonysofprestatyn.co.uk/ (Melvin brake hoses, Lucas brakes-check it out) UK

Calipers,discs,master cylinders manufacturers


http://www.ab-m.de/ (nice calipers, discs, lines and pads) GER
http://www.apex-tech.ca/ (discs and miscs) CAN
http://www.apracing.com/ (they need no introduction) UK
http://www.bassanogrimeca.com/ (brake calipers and discs) IT
http://www.beringerbrakes.com./ (awesome brakes) FR
http://www.billet.co.uk/ (awesome brakes) UK
http://www.braking.com/ ( wave discs, perimeter brakes, calipers) USA/IT/NZ
http://www.brakingusa.com/ (same as above, but different presentation) USA
http://www.brembo.com/ (they need no introduction) IT
http://www.carbone-lorraine.com/ (carbon-based pads and carbon discs) FR
http://www.ebc-brakes.com/ (discs, etc) USA
http://www.gptechllc.com/ (thumb brake kits and more) USA
http://www.isr-brakes.se/ (site not opened yet) SWE
http://www.kad-uk.com/ (trick calipers) UK
http://www.lucas-bikersworld.com/ (discs and calipers) GER
http://www.motorcycle-uk.com/ (custom-made discs and carriers) UK
http://www.performancemachine.com/ (discs, calipers and wheels) USA
http://www.pretech.co.uk/ (colored billet calipers-new trend?) UK
http://www.pvm.de/ (awesome brakes and a lot more) GER
http://www.semc-brembo.com/ (brakes, wheels and more) FRA
http://www.sheffield.co.uk/ (custom-made discs and carriers) UK
http://www.sicom-brakes.de/ (carbon/carbon brake kits) GER
http://www.speedproducts.co.uk/ (amazing mini rear calipers and more!) UK
http://www.spiegler.de/ (discs, calipers, lines-awesome) DEN
http://www.spieglerusa.com/ (U.S. distributor) USA
http://www.starfiresystems.com/ (ceramic composite discs kits) USA
http://www.tcmproducts.com/ (lightened brake discs) USA


Product information and machine shops


http://www.damigs.com/ (rear discs lightening) USA
http://www.eatmydirt.com.au/ (impressions about the brake switch banjo bolts) AUS
http://www.goldlinebrakes.com/ (brakes re-builders) USA


Brake fluids and related


http://www.bakerprecision.com/neobrk.htm (NEO Superdot 610)
http://www.racerpartswholesale.com/srf.htm (Castrol SRF)
http://www.raceshopper.com/brake_fluid.shtml (several brands)
http://www.shotimes.com/SHO3brakefluid.html (Info)
http://www.solar.innercite.com/comptech/620010.html (Motul 600)