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Jet kits and EFI recalibrators


http://www.dynojet.com/ (dyno, jet kits, power-commander, Hyperpro) USA
(jet kits and carburetors parts) USA
http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/ (custom-made jet kits) USA
http://www.motodepot.com/street/carb/yoshefi.html (Yoshimura YAFMS)
http://www.qualityengine-rd.com/ (Flo-commander-trick) USA
(jet kits and fuel recalibration system) USA
http://www.thunderproducts.com/ (dial-a-jet kits) USA
http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/ (EMS) USA


Carburetors and EFI


http://www.keihin.com/ (carburetors) USA
http://www.lectronfuelsystems.com/ (carburetors) USA
http://www.mikuni.com/ (carburetors) USA
http://www.sudco.com/ (Mikuni and Kehin distributor) USA


Carburetors and EFI balancers


http://www.adventuremotogear.com/ (Twinmax electronic carburetors balancer!) USA
http://www.calamander.co.uk/ (elect. analogue carbs balancer--best buy-suitable for EFI) UK
http://www.carbtune.com/ (carburetors balancing kit) USA/UK
http://www.carbtune.com/ (carbs balancer) UK
(Synchromate carbs balancer) UK
http://www.selectronic.fr/ (the Twinmax maker) FR

Carburetors related accessories


http://www.aquamist.co.uk/ (water-injection) UK
http://www.brgracing.com/ (1/5th turn throttle) USA
(home-made EFI) USA
http://www.efitechnology.com/ (good expensive stuff) USA
http://www.fiinternational.com/ (restrictors to drop down horsepower) UK
http://www.firepower.nu/ (fuel pill-used by race teams) ??
(90 degrees quick-release gas line) GER
http://www.keihin.com/ (carbs and info) USA
http://www.knpowersports.com/ (replacement filters) USA
http://www.lkm.de/ (they claim up to 22 hp on crank more with kit) GER
http://www.mikuni.com/ (carbs and info) USA
(throttle kits, carbs acc) USA
http://www.nrp-carbs.co.uk/ (carburetor parts) UK
http://www.ramair-filters.com/ (special filters) UK
(air/fuel ratio, turbo kits and gauges) USA
http://www.rceng.com/ (injectors-racing) USA
http://www.sdsefi.com/ (programmable EFI) USA
http://www.techedge.com.au/ (wideband oxygen sensing equipment) AUS
http://www.1stgear.de/ (bellmouths) GER
http://www.sudco.com/ (carbs diagrams-awesome) USA