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These guys have been of great help, and are of the first interest.


http://www.adventuremotogear.com/ (get your Twinmax carbs balancer here) USA
http://www.blackrobotics.com/ (speedometer recalibrator kit) AUS
http://www.braketech.com/ (brakes) USA
http://www.cts.theallureimage.com/ (awesome sprocket covers, preload adjusters and more) USA
http://www.ema-usa.com/ (high-performance parts) USA
http://www.enginearmour.net/ (carbon covers for engine casings-quality stuff) UK
http://www.gptechllc.com/ (thumb-brake systems) USA
http://www.graphicartmotodesign.com/ (all you need for your bike!) CAN
http://www.hyperformanceparts.com/ (high quality performance parts) USA
http://www.indysuperbikes.com/ (brakes, bodyworks, chassis parts and a lot more!) USA
http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/ (amazing jet kits, amazing guy) USA
(really, amazing thing) USA
http://www.lusterlace.com/ (great polishing products and wheels lazer alignment tool) USA
http://www.mityvac.com/ (brake bleeding kits) USA
http://www.motorcycleguard.com/ (radiator guards) USA
http://www.pimpgauges.com/ (Illumiglo tach face plates) USA
http://www.planetsuperbike.com/ (decals kits-awesome) USA
(Flo-commander-check it out) USA
http://www.racebolts.com/ (anodized stuff at a really great price) USA
http://www.radarbusters.com/ (leathers, helmets) USA
(protect yourself from radars) USA
http://www.samannasystems.com/ (Exup valve removal must have) USA
http://www.scottsperformance.com/ (great performance products) USA
http://www.speedshop.org/ (great guy , great stuff! Tell him I sent ya!) USA
http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/ (chains and sprockets-the best) USA
http://www.techtronics.co.uk/ (shifters) UK
http://www.thunderproducts.com/ (the dial-a-jet company) USA
http://www.vancosport.com/ (Only top performance parts) CYP
http://www.vdcelectronics.com/ (for all your batteries charging needs) USA
http://www.veypor.com/ (Data aquisition digital gauge and HUD systems) CAN****
http://www.vfxkits.com/ (customize your signals, tail lights and license plates)CAN