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Here are precisions concerning their products.

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Tel: 1.877.VFX.KITS/1.877.839.5487




Customers service:

Damjan (Damian) Jocic.

Very nice to deal with, no bull, fast shipper!



License plates brackets (pivot kits), tail lights-to-flashers kits, signals flashing rate correctors, etc!


Bonus feature:

Easy to use products, good instructions, quality construction.

You also have the luxury of a great website complete with pics, how-to`s FAQ and PDF instructions!



No after-thoughts here...

In fact, the pivot kit impresses me the most! Its much smaller than I expected, extremely well-made

and provided with lots of hardware and a tool! 


Attention to details like those steel washers with rubber on one side is something I never saw

in any other I said, I'm really impressed!


The sport flasher and flashers equalizer kits are also top notch stuff; small, bullet-proof construction,

hell, they could even be appealing to the eye to the real gadget maniacs  :)


Happiness factor:

We'll see pretty soon...I'm installing them this weekend. (03/08/15)


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